Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Notepad & Tutorial

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas with this cute little notepad I just made.  I was feeling crafty today and wanted to play in my craft room and here's what I came up with... 

I had this cute paper from last year's Christmas Card batch and the ribbon was used to wrap one of my gifts from a previous year.  Talk about recycling - LoL!

This notepad is also getting a lot of buzz - thanks to Stephanie over at "Under the Table and Dreaming" blog who featured my creation on the Sunday Showcase.


Now let's get to crafting...

What you'll need:
  • cardstock
  • ribbon
  • paper
  • scoring tool
  • rubber cement
  • binder clips
  • paper trimmer/scissors
  • ruler
  • double-sided adhesive/glue
So, let me tell/show ya how I made the notepad and the cover:

1.  I started out with 10 - 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper that I cut in half (straight down the middle), then turned those same sheets 90 degrees and cut down the middle again.  You should end up with 4 small sheets per cut page for a total of 40 sheets.  They'll each measure 4.25 x 5.5. 

2.   Gather those 40 sheets and stack them evenly.  Then, using the brush included, apply your rubber cement evenly across 1 edge of the stacked sheets.  This will create the "spine" of the notepad and allow you to tear away sheets 1 by 1.

(available at your local craft store)

3.  Use something heavy to apply pressure as the rubber cement dries.  I chose to use these handy little binder clips - they'll keep the sheets together as the cemented edge dries.  Be sure to give it at least 12-24 hours to dry, then remove clips. 

4.  Choose a decorative cardstock and cut it to 8 and 3/4" x 5 and 9/16".  Then, score the cardstock at 4 and 3/8" and again at 4 and 1/2".  Fold at the scored lines.  Apply a double-sided adhesive to the back side/last page of the notepad and place inside of the cardstock cover (rubber cemented edge should be against the scored/spine of the cover.  Pick your favorite ribbon and cut to about 24". 

5.  Wrap ribbon and tie.  VOILA!  There you have it.  Use your notepad for to-do-lists, grocery list or even Christmas gift list. 


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  11. WONDERFUL! Stephanie, thanks for featuring my notepad. I had a ball creating it. I'll be adding the "I was featured" button to my sidebar. Yaaaay, Yipppeeeee, Wooohoooo!

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  18. Welcome to all of the new followers. Glad you all dropped by to take a peak at my paper crafts!

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  19. This is just lovely, and you can hardly go wrong with such a gift - everyone uses note paper! :) I've been wanting to try make a little notepad myself - i read elsewhere that you can use silicone for the "binding" as well (instead of this cement you used).

    I'm a new follower, i've really enjoyed browsing through your lovely creations! I hope to see you back at my weekend parties in future! :)


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