Saturday, July 16, 2011

Birthday Smash Book

It's here, its here!  Finally, my very own Smash Folio has arrived.  As promised I smashed it full of my recent birthday memories.  Take a peek at a few of the pages included. 

I added a few pearl-flower embellishments as well as one
of my birthday cards to the front on the Smash book.

Page 1, lets have some fun!

Instructions from hubby and details for each day of the
birthday celebration.  What to wear, what time to be ready, etc.

We went on a zip-line tour.  All I can say is WHAT A FUN ADVENTURE!

Gift cards, gift cards and more gift cards. 
About $300 worth of fun packed into a plastic rectangle.

Even got an upgrade for my cell phone and a birthday card to match.

This is the cutest pop-up card!

I got the new Nook Simple Touch Reader.  I was able to purchase BEFORE
they  were available for sale to the public.  It's my birthday, what did you think?

We had apps, dinner and dessert at the elegant Canoe restaurant.  Delicious!

The menu is so long, so I scored it and made it a fold out. 

I had a few extras to add to the pocket, including my monkey sticker.

Gotta preserve my memories and my Smash book, so I'm
storing it in the plastic cover that accompanied the book.

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My Smash Book...

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it.  The Smash Book has been sold out in my area for almost 2 months and I've not been able to find it online either!  What is the world coming to?  Well, after searching and searching and searching 1 more time, I finally found the smash book (there were only 3 left at the time of my purchase). 
My super, good, exciting news:  My Smash arrives today!!! Yaaaaay! I am super thrilled.  I'll be watching the mailbox today like a little kid.  I already have the contents, too.  You see, I celebrated my b'day recently, so I have everything to document my special day (programs, gift cards - w/ $0 balance, greeting cards, pics, etc.)  Come on mailman (or lady).  I need to get busy "smashing".  Stay tuned.  I plan to post pics of the finished product.  Yippppeee!

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Monday, July 4, 2011