Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm in the Blog Spotlight :o)

I'm the featured blogger?!?!  Oh wow!  No way!  Yes way!  I was chosen as one of  the "Spotlighted Blogs of the Week" over at Kristin and Jaime's Take It From Me blog.  Can you believe it?  Awww shux - I'm blushing. 

Let me extend a big WELCOME to all of the new visitors, followers and bloggers.  Thanks for stopping by.  Let me tell ya a little bit about the blog and myself... 
I enjoy making inspirational gifts:  I hand-pour soy candles and hand-craft journals, notepads and greeting cards.  And I love what I do! The most exciting part is to watch the transformation of my raw materials - sheets of paper, embellishments, o-wire, glue and ink, somehow become journals and more.  In additon to my crafts, I enjoy encouraging and motivating others with the Word of God. So, I figured, why not combine the two and incorporate the mighty Word of God with products that uplift, encourage and inspire. In my blog, you'll find posts that contain items that I've created and that are actually in my shop. You'll also find random d.i.y. crafts that I've tackled, and other creations that I've made just for myself. There are other days when there may be only an encouraging "Word" posted.  My goal is to encourage you and share my love for God, His Word and paper-crafts with you... here, in my blog.  
What I've Been Up To

I actually went out yesterday looking for new paper with Fall colos and here's what I came up with.  More "little bitty" Positive Notes.  Let me know what ya think.

Scripture 1:  Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.  Psalm 37:4
Scripture 2:  The joy of the Lord is your strength.  Nehemiah 8:10

 New Tabs

I've added new tabs to the blog too.  Visit the ::shop:: tab to find out more about my boutique, The Scent of Heaven Candle Co., and see what goodies I have in store.

Happy hopping,


P.S. Be sure to make your way over to the "Welcome Wednesday" blog hop at Take It From Me to list your blog, visit others and make new friends. :o)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Busy Bee...with Renewed Strength

I have been a BUSY BEE for the past several weeks.

Here's why... 

Recently, I started participating as a vendor in women's and church conferences, art festivals, showcases and craft shows.  And (to God be the glory!) my products have been flying off the shelves and this has kept me busy.  I have no complaints becuase this is what every small, craft, business owner wants:  to be in demand, for someone to be as much in love with their creations as they are and for their products to sell like crazy.  I'm excited beyond words and my craft room is a witness to all of the products that have been made in the last 24 hours.  I've mixed, wicked, poured, labeled and boxed my candles; cut, scored, glued, taped and packaged my "little bitty" Positive Notes; and I've wired, printed, labeled and cinched my journals.  As a result, I've officially given myself the title "Busy Bee".  This weekend won't be any different than the others.  I'll have all of my goods setup at a church conference to spread the Gospel.  And what cute little gifts they make.   

 Here's a small gift that contains BIG words.
Hope this encourages you!

This one "lifted" me the other day.  Just as I was about to box this candle I took a look at the printed scripture.  These words were like food to my soul and very good for my spiritual appetite.   This gave me, the BUSY BEE, strength.

"Mount Up" candle
It reads:  Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
Isaiah 40:30, 31 kjv


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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I want this craft room!
Pretty please.

workspace of Stacy Amoo-Mensah at "Name Your Design"


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Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's All About Me Today {and I'm So Excited}!

Just For Me

I'm so excited!  I finally made something for MYSELF!  I'm always crafting journals, sticky pad holders and even candles for my shop, but what about me?  I never make anything that's just...for...me.  So, today I did it.  I finally made a small little treat for myself.  Have a look see and tell me what ya think...

I created this little journal for my daily to-do list, which can sometimes be a bit lengthy.  My tasks are never mind-boggling things.  It's just that I have days where I have a million little things to do.  Also, it helps me to clear my mind, because if it's written down I won't spend the entire day trying to remember it and I'll NEVER forget to do it.  I used some of my scrap paper to help create a decorative look.  Then, I placed a clear, plastic cover on top of that (to protect the pretty paper).  I actually created the inside journal sheets by printing the lines with my printer, then cutting them all with my paper trimmer.  I made the monogrammed "M" with my old faithful Slice machine (man, I luv that little thingy).  Then I topped it off with the pearlescent flower (on top of the plastic cover).  Of course, I can't forget about my Cinch that I used to bind it all together.  And there ya go.  My own little journal.  All for me.  Yippppeeee!

Check out the cute little butterfly pen.  Doesn't it just make you wanna write something?  My sweet hubby bought that for me.  He's too sweet.

New Crafting Tool

Ok, so what crafter doesn't like new tools??!?!!  There isn't one.  Not only did I make something, I BOUGHT something, too!  I went out the other day and finally got the Martha Sterwart scoring tool.  I'd been scoring my cards and other products in a retarded way (let's just say my previous bone folder was a stylus from an old PDA...like I said... retarded), but it worked.  But, no more of that.  I have a real score board and guess what, it even makes envelopes, too.  My favorite part:  the score lines are every 1/8".  Yaaaaay!  I won't have to pick my projects up and move them around with the frequency of the lines on the board.  I scored big with this one.  Well, I'm off to create a new project.  One that I can use my new tool with.  

Have a super day,



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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ha-ha-ha-choo! Sniff-Sniff, Cough-Cough. Noooo!

Hi everyone! I'm back from my nice, short, but fun staycation. However, I returned with something that I wasn't looking for - a cough, a sneeze and a stuffy nose. Noooo! Well, I guess the good news is - it happened after the staycation. So, for the past 2 days I've been on meds and everyone's favorite - the vitamin C packed OJ (funny how it only taste good to me when I'm sick, that's weird).

Being sick hasn't been all that bad.  I've been productive (but slow) and I accomplished a lot (just didn't feel well while doing it).  All in all, I stayed on track and work got done (thank God for helping do that)!  So let me show ya what I mustered up the energy to do.

a few Positive Notes as well as some "little bitty" Positive Notes

Gift Set

I made a few Positive Notes journals and a slew of "little bitty" Positive Notes , then created gifts sets for the upcoming holiday season.  After that, I had another glass of OJ and meds, then I rested and took a nap.  Being sick is an energy zapper.  After regaining some energry, I moved on to making my candles. The Scent of Heaven scripture candles (scents include: vanilla, sun-dried linen, bird-of-paradise, peppermint eucalyptus, cotton candy and more).    Here's a sneek-peek of some of the soy candles I poured this week. 

The Scent of Heaven scripture candles:
Transformation, Mount Up, Seeking, Made and Peace

Remember, it's a sneek-peek, so you'll have to visit the website to see the scriptures printed on the backside of each candle.  But, I'm not done yet, this is just the begining of the work.  Time for more OJ, a nap and more meds (not in that particular order).