Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thirty-fiNe & Fabulous

Thirty-five is the new....Well, I don't know what its new for, but it's definitely new for me (especially since I act more like a 26 year old).  Therefore I've decided that on this birthday I will be celebrating Thirty-fiNe years of life.  I like to think that I get better with age (kinda like a good wine).  So, I realized that thirty-five has to be fabulous for me, so this year's birthday theme is "Thirty-fiNe & Fabulous".  Mr. Paper-Crafts Chick has something up his sleeve (I know he does).  He always does.  I only have one of the details so far:  we're going to Charleston, SC.  Yipppppeeeee, I'm so excited about this one.  Check out my birthday inspired typography graphic below.  I had so much fun coming up with this little square.  Normally, I do a smash book each year, but this year I needed something a bit more fabulous to represent and stay in-line with the theme:  Thirty-fiNe & Fabulous.      

I decided to add a quatrefoil pattern to the design...

I will definitely follow-up this post with the details after the big day comes and goes.  But, until then I'll be Thirty-fiNe in Charleston, SC this year.  Cheers to me! 

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Happy Crafting,

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