Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wind-down Wednesday

Today is known by most people as "hump-day".  It's the day that puts us half-way through the work week and almost to the long-awaited weekend.  Well, I need a weekend-day in the middle of the week.  Anybody else have this need?  To help satisfy this necessity I've decided to create my own little special 1-day weekend...on Wednesday.  From now on, I plan to make every Wednesday my "Wind-down Wednesday".  Have you ever felt the need to getaway from EVERYTHING and EVERYONE?  Then, you need a mid-week break.  We're all entitled to some "me-time".  Aren't we?  Aren't you?  Why certainly!

I kept it simple today.  Afterall, this is my 1st weekend day in the middle of the week - LOL!.  After a full day of work, I realized that cooking would go against anything related to winding down, so I decided to let my personal chef at Quizno's (LoL!) make my dinner.  My toasted sandwich was delish!  YUM!!!  Having my hair done was long over due, so I treated myself to a sweet salon visit and I left the salon looking prettiful!  (Yes, that's my new word - prettiful).  It was nice to be pampered by someone else's hands today.  Wow,  I owed it to myself!  I'm planning to keep this up and make it a weekly thing. 

Got any suggestions on how I'll wind-down next Wednesday?  How do you wind-down after a long day?   

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