Sunday, February 27, 2011

Inspired...Even In My Sleep

My cute T-Shirt pillow.  :o)

I’m big on encouragement, inspiration and motivation. And when I don’t have the right words to say, I find that God’s Word is always best. Why, you ask. Because it’s true. It will never fall to the ground void – meaning it will always accomplish what it says it will. It’s RIGHT. It’s GOOD. It endures forever and ever.

I’m a dreamer and I’m convinced that if I can conceive it in my mind and believe it in my heart, then my dream will manifest at the proper time. Sometimes all a dreamer needs is a little push…that can come from you. Sometimes the dreamer needs only 1 person to believe in their dream…that’s you. Sometimes all they need is 1 encourager, 1 motivator, just one…that’s you. Become a dream-builder. Believe in your dreams and others’ dreams.

Encouragement is simply a part of who I am. It’s almost like an additional limb attached to my body. I use it to stand on and I use it to reach out with.

I made this sweet little T-Shirt pillow full of dream-inspiring thoughts. Its purpose is to inspire me even as I sleep and rest my mind through the night. And what better way to end the day than to pray a sweet little prayer to the Dream-Giver, that’s God. I chose the prayer that I learned as a little girl: “Now I lay me down to sleep…”

I have proof that your dreams can be fulfilled... => "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13).  There's your proof and He has strengthened me to walk out my dreams.  Now, lets make that scripture more personal.  State your name in the place of "I" and make your dreams come alive.

I believe in my dreams and I believe in yours, too.
Be encouraged and follow your dreams.

Dream on...dreamer!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

"New Chick" on the Block

As you all know, I don't mind sharing the spotlight with my fellow crafty chicks.  Today I'd like to introduce the "new chick" on the block.  She's also our newest guest in the spotlight.  Who is she?????  Drum roll please........  Let's give a warm welcome to "Barnyard of the Tragically Hip".  Yep, that's right.   

Barnyard of the Tragically Hip, Because They Are Just Like Us...

"Barnyard of the Tragically Hip came about when I made the big move from city life to farm dweller. My purpose in moving to the country was to search for stillness. Not the stillness of ‘ok-the-tv's-turned-off-now-what’, but the richness of a silence alive with possibilities. Silence is kinetic - moving, searching for thought. It is filled with wisdom and learning. But sitting on my porch looking out at the woods, preparing to do some serious pondering I found I was awash in the concert of nature. Birds. Bugs. Leaves applauding the wind. And chickens. And goats.

Since these creatures were so intent on their barnyard business I moved my old wooden bench outside to the yard and watched to see what was so important in their little barnyard world. To my surprise I found the chicken/duck/donkey/goat world to be very like my own. My little creatures were the same as me, worried about the same things I worry about. There was angst, hunger, passion, fear, joy, sadness, distress, curiosity and at times, arrogance. This was a whole new universe I was discovering. The barnyard was full of situations and moral dilemmas that were totally familiar to me.

I am a cartoonist, which means I am an artist with a short attention span, so the natural progression of things lead to my chronicling their lives for the world. Be warned, you may find your reflection in my little cartoons – believe me, it’s not intentional, but surely inevitable. Cartoons are updated Mondays and Thursdays."

These are truly

Barnyard of the Tragically Hip

 Get your daily dose of laughter, inspiration and reality! 
Be sure to check out the website, say HI and extend a warm welcome to "Barnyard of the Tragically Hip".


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Monday, February 14, 2011

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Get a load of husband, "Mr. Paper-Crafts Chick", is the sweetest in the whole wide world.  Not only does he attend crafts shows with me, but he sells my products like crazy.  He also converted the dining room into my special craft space with matching storage and everything.  He even lets me play with my paper-crafts in my paper world without interruption.  His latest big thing FOR ME...the "Paper-Crafts Chick" personalized sign.  He sealed this sweet little surprise with a cute bow and delivered it yesterday.  I'm so excited.  Where will I put it?  Will I hang it or keep it on my work table?  I'm so stoked.  Isn't it the cutest?  I feel like I'm official I have a birth certificate with my name on it:  Paper-Crafts Chick.  I am officially signed, sealed and delivered.  

A big THANK YOU to Joanna Odom over at Odom Designs for this creative sign.  This was the perfect gift.  Want one?  Check out her Facebook page for more designs and additional info.   

Next, let's see about getting this...
Ooooh!  That's sweet! 

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Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Baaaaack...and just in time for Valentines Day!

I'm Baaaaack and just in time for Valentine's Day!  Wanna do something different this year for V-Day?  Need a break from the flowers, chocolates, dinner...well maybe not the dinner.  Here's a change - try a new recipe.  I created a recipe card over at Smilebox (it's free, fun and easy) and wanted to share with you.  Why not bake some cookies with your honey or your kids this Valentines' Day!  I like to change it up every now & then and thought this would be a fun idea.  BTW:  This is one of my favorite cookies (until the annual Girl Scout cookie sale - I can't resist 'em).  I tried the recipe and it is a WINNER.  Go for it.  Try it out and let me know how it turns out for you.  If you've tried this recipe in the past, leave a comment and let me know what ya thought about it.  Just click PLAY.  Enjoy!

Click to play this Smilebox recipe
Create your own recipe - Powered by Smilebox
A printable recipe card by Smilebox

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