Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Sweet Nothings" greeting cards

So, I'm thinking about sneaking home to see my mommy for Mother's Day.  Shhhh, it's a secret.  I'm not sure how I'll top off my Super-Mommy's gift this year, but I think one of these cards that I created will be a great start.

Aren't these cute enough?
These are some of my "Sweet Nothings" cards
and I truly enjoyed hand-crafting each one.

"Sweet Nothings" are terms of endearment and expressions of love whispered from God to you. Their purpose is to guide, encourage and give hope during life's journey. This creative compilation of  bible scriptures will serve as "a lamp to your feet and a light for your path". 

Read the inside of the card...

What 'cha doing for your mommy?

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rock, Scissors, Paper...for my paper-crafts

Tools for my kind of paper-crafting

What tools are you using when you're crafting?  I use a wide assortment of tools when creating my greeting cards, small notepads, journals and other paper concepts. However, there are 3 that are always at the top of my list: rock, scissors, paper. Let me explain…

1. Rock – I use my Rock right before I start a project. :o) It helps me to gather my thoughts and present them as pretty, paper products to you. My Rock provides me with the perfect words (or should I say scriptures?) to use in each project. My Rock… is powerful. My Rock… is solid. My Rock… is Christ, the solid Rock. And I choose to stand on the Rock with each project.

2. Scissors – I like to achieve perfect edges and straight lines just as much as any other crafter, so I keep my scissors, paper trimmer and Exacto knife on hand. I’m not so goood at cutting free hand, so if I’m using scissors or my Exacto knife, then there needs to be a line for me to follow. My favorite of all is the paper trimmer. Yes! I have a super-duper, heavy duty cutter. I use it to cut any and everything that I’d like to see with perfectly matched edges.  I strive for perfection, but unlike my Rock, neither I nor my paper are completely perfect.  However, I can work to cut out all of the imperfections (in my crafts and in me) 

3. Paper – Of course, there would be no “Paper-Crafts Chick” or paper-crafts without all the designer paper, stationery, cardstock, glitter-glimmer paper, glossy paper and regular old 8 ½ x 11 white sheets. I appreciate all styles of paper: pretty paper, little paper, colored paper, patterned paper, embossed paper, kraft paper, 20lb. paper, my paper, your paper, free paper, vellum paper, parchment paper, even wax paper (do I really need to continue on?). I simply love paper. Most of all I love the crafts created with the paper.  It allows me the chance to transform ordinary cardstock into marvelous new products, such as my "little bitty" Positive Notes and "little puffy" Positive Notes".

What tools are you using when you're crafting?  The next time you prepare your paper-crafts, make sure you have your Rock, Scissors, Paper!!!

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Monday, April 11, 2011

A Love Letter...From God

April is "National Card and Letter Writing" month and I've managed to create a cute, little card that actually contains a sweet letter, but not just any letter - it's a love letter.  This is one of my most popular cards and it's from my "Sweet Nothings" collection.  It's a "Love Letter From God"; full of promises and encouragement straight from the scriptures in the bible.  I chose several bible verses and connected them in such a way that creates a "Love Letter From God". 

The Love Letter reads:

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