Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Sign Language"

These days there is a sign posted for everything; from “no smoking”, to “one-way” and stop signs.  I, however, am a fan of the more expressive signs – signs that convey a positive and encouraging message to the reader.  I really like the re-purposed signs that are painted on wooden boxes.   Take a look at the “sign language” I’ve run across in my recent travels here and there…
Had an eye exam today and this encouraging eye exam sign was displayed on the wall.  It reads - Always look on the bright side of life...very, very encouraging!

I saw this little lovely while shopping and traveling in Missouri.  I had to take a snapshot and share with you for encouragement, too.
I ran across this printable on the Makoodle website a few months ago.  Now, it’s my screensaver on my Nook.  I need encouragement at every turn of the day.
My hubby sent this one to me and I agree - your dreams ought to be so big and massive that they blow you away.
Not only am I an Alabama fan, but I'm also an alumnus from the awesome Univ. of Alabama.  ROLL TIDE!   Enough said.
Friday is my most favorite day of the week.  I look forward to it beginning on Sunday evening.
I saw this one while I was out doing my favorite thing...SHOPPING!  But, who doesn't want to be successful.  It takes a lot of everything listed in the above pic to be the successful person you want to be.
I bought this as a gift for my super-hubby.  He loves to cook and he's an awesome grill-master, too.  I’m his chief executive taste-tester.
A good friend shared this one with me; basic instructions for prayer.
Fortune cookies are so yummy to me.  Well, these were tucked inside of my cookies...
This is the sign that I place on my table when I do a craft show - where I sell my soy candles.  You should check them out.   www.TshccBoutique.com
Happy Crafting,