Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What Would You Do Every Day...?

I use my imagination to take me to a faraway place every now & then; especially when time and circumstances don’t allow me to literally get away.  And often times I play, what I call, the “what-if” game – just to kinda dream a little and plan ahead.  So, I was wondering…

So, what keeps you from realizing and reaching your daily goals and big dreams?  Is it the distractions of television, fun gadgets like your ipad; maybe it’s your putting everyone before yourself; could it be work or worry, could it even be…you?

We all have “something” that’s standing in the way of us reaching that next step to reaching our dreams, joy and happiness. Can your “something” be demolished, done away with, powered off or deleted all together…

What would you do every day if you could?

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