Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's In Your Craft Room? {meet the inhabitants of mine}

Here's my Slice along with a few design cards and the 12 x 12 glass cutting mat.  I use the mat outside of Slice projects to protect my table, catch glue, glitter, embossing powder, etc.

My newest toy!  Recently, I started creating Positive Notes journals with the Cinch. I use it to punch holes in my journal paper, thread the wire and "cinch" the journal together.  I even have the wire cutters to remove any excess wire from the journal. 

I can't forget about my embossing tool.  I love to stamp with colorful ink, add embossing powder, then use my embossing tool to raise that image...Instant gratification!

Not only am I in love with paper and stationery, I also love paper and stationery with straight lines and edges.  Yes, I'm a neat freak in addition to being a "Paper-Crafts Chick".  Here's my 12 x 12 paper trimmer that allows me to achieve my own level of neatness and straighness.  :o)

I have a slight addiction to decorative boxes and baskets, too.  This allows me to store finished projects atop my work table and maintain organization.

I also keep a cute notebook handy to jot down any quick notes, ideas or project plans.  And what crafter could make it without a ruler, scissors, craft knife or glue?  I sure couldn't. 

While I have an overhead light, I also choose to keep my 3-light lamp lit.  It
gives me a brighter work area, so that I don't miss any flaws or create any. 

Here's my trusted friend, Mr. B (short for Mr. Bunny).  He keeps me
company during my craft time and never interrupts.  What a great friend!

What's in your craft room???  Leave comments and describe
how you use your workspace and what you're working with.


  1. Hi, I came form SITS. What a great site.
    I like your tools! Especially the bunny I think he is cute. I might link back to this post on my blog and take you up on your challenge. But my craft closet is oh so scary. This should be interesting.

  2. Hi Big Mama (my new SITS SITStah), :o)
    Thanks for stopping in. I can certainly attest to working to keep the craft area clean (that's a project in itself). Definitely come back and tell me how the clean-up goes and what you're working with. Until next time, happy blogging.

  3. My craft room is actually my family room but I'm the only one that lives here so there's no family that really minds if I take up the whole space, lol. I have more scrapbooking stuff than you could possibly imagine. A cricut, 8-9 cartridges, a cuddlebug, several spellbinder dies, several cuttlebug dies and embossing folders, 3 paper trimmers (not one of them knows how to cut a straight line) 15+ plastic tubs of embellishments like ribbons, souvenirs, trinkets, stickers, etc. I'll try to get some pictures of it and post them soon. I'd clean it up but I'll just make another mess so don't mind the clutter.

  4. Hey Jody, Sounds like you've got a lot of fun toys (that's what I call my craft tools - toys). I'll bet you have a spacious work area too since you're setup in the family room. :o) I'm setup in my dining room and nobody seems to mind a bit (especially since I hardly cook, so there's no reason to dine there, lol). Be sure to post pics, I'd like to see your workspace. :o)

  5. Oooohhh!! Tell me more about The Cinch!! Love it!! I would love to make my own journals!

  6. Hi there panachebyerin/Erin,
    That makes 2 of us, b/c I love The Cinch too. It's very easy to use. I started as soon as I took it out of the box. First I covered my book board/chipboard w/ decorative paper, then I used the Cinch to punch holes in it as well as the journal pages. There are even wire binding hooks (on the side of the binding tool) that allow you to easily thread the wire through the newly punched holes. On the back is where you actually "cinch" the journal together. Try it out. It's fun! (hint: it's less exprensive to purchase the starter kit than it is to buy the individual accessories)

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier! I really appreciate it!

    Can you give me a hint to about how much the Cinch is? :)

  8. Erin,
    The Cinch is about $80 - $90, while the starter kit is $90 - $110 (just depends on where you get it from). I did a search to find the least expensive offer. :o) I guess I'm crafty and frugal. LoL!

  9. You may want to link on What's on your Workdesk wednesday to show your craft space every wednesday- it's quite addicting seeing the range of neat to really BUSY desks and floors and even ironing boards! Wow Patsy from


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