Thursday, February 24, 2011

"New Chick" on the Block

As you all know, I don't mind sharing the spotlight with my fellow crafty chicks.  Today I'd like to introduce the "new chick" on the block.  She's also our newest guest in the spotlight.  Who is she?????  Drum roll please........  Let's give a warm welcome to "Barnyard of the Tragically Hip".  Yep, that's right.   

Barnyard of the Tragically Hip, Because They Are Just Like Us...

"Barnyard of the Tragically Hip came about when I made the big move from city life to farm dweller. My purpose in moving to the country was to search for stillness. Not the stillness of ‘ok-the-tv's-turned-off-now-what’, but the richness of a silence alive with possibilities. Silence is kinetic - moving, searching for thought. It is filled with wisdom and learning. But sitting on my porch looking out at the woods, preparing to do some serious pondering I found I was awash in the concert of nature. Birds. Bugs. Leaves applauding the wind. And chickens. And goats.

Since these creatures were so intent on their barnyard business I moved my old wooden bench outside to the yard and watched to see what was so important in their little barnyard world. To my surprise I found the chicken/duck/donkey/goat world to be very like my own. My little creatures were the same as me, worried about the same things I worry about. There was angst, hunger, passion, fear, joy, sadness, distress, curiosity and at times, arrogance. This was a whole new universe I was discovering. The barnyard was full of situations and moral dilemmas that were totally familiar to me.

I am a cartoonist, which means I am an artist with a short attention span, so the natural progression of things lead to my chronicling their lives for the world. Be warned, you may find your reflection in my little cartoons – believe me, it’s not intentional, but surely inevitable. Cartoons are updated Mondays and Thursdays."

These are truly

Barnyard of the Tragically Hip

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Be sure to check out the website, say HI and extend a warm welcome to "Barnyard of the Tragically Hip".


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  3. Hi! I'm visiting from Creative Girls Blog Hop. I love to find other Christian bloggers! I'm your newest follower and will be back to visit! Stop by when you have a minute. I have some word art from 1 Corinthians 13 that is my first try at some word art.
    Have awonderful weekend!

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  9. how cute!

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  10. Hey new followers! Welcome!

    ~Splendiferous Girls, thanks for coming on over from the blog hop. I think you'll enjoy perusing through the site. Enjoy!

    ~Hey Sharon, Thanks for visiting. I'm gonna come by and check out your word art. I bet it is beautiful. Thanks for following.

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    ~Hi Rita, thanks for coming by. I love FTLOB. The name says it all.

    ~Hi Debra, Glad you could visit. I've forwarded your comment on to the cartoonist. She's the one that actually wrote the bio. It's hilarious. :o) My favorite part is..."I found I was awash in the concert of nature...Leaves applauding the wind."

    a big THANK YOU to you all for your lovely comments. :o)


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