Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Baaaaack...and just in time for Valentines Day!

I'm Baaaaack and just in time for Valentine's Day!  Wanna do something different this year for V-Day?  Need a break from the flowers, chocolates, dinner...well maybe not the dinner.  Here's a change - try a new recipe.  I created a recipe card over at Smilebox (it's free, fun and easy) and wanted to share with you.  Why not bake some cookies with your honey or your kids this Valentines' Day!  I like to change it up every now & then and thought this would be a fun idea.  BTW:  This is one of my favorite cookies (until the annual Girl Scout cookie sale - I can't resist 'em).  I tried the recipe and it is a WINNER.  Go for it.  Try it out and let me know how it turns out for you.  If you've tried this recipe in the past, leave a comment and let me know what ya thought about it.  Just click PLAY.  Enjoy!

Click to play this Smilebox recipe
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A printable recipe card by Smilebox

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  1. Welcome back- how timely for papercrafting! I finished my valentines last week already haha. I am not much of a baker, but I did order two boxes of Girl Scout cookies today- ones I've never tried: Samoas and Do-si-dos. My family always just got the thin mints and shorbreads :)
    I'm having a giveaway on my blog- come check it out!

  2. MMM that recipe looks scumptious!

    Thanks for sharing in FFA!


  3. Hey Meri - Good job on getting your v-day work done ahead of time. My schedule has been so busy. BTW - I've ordered my GS cookies and can't wait to chow down.

    Young and Crafty - No prob. Thanks for your weekly blog hop and these cookies are mouth watering. :o)

    Have a great weekend ladies. Thanks for your comments :o)

  4. Holy cow those sound good! New follower here from Say Hi Sunday. Cute blog! Drop by and see me if you get the chance!


  5. Thanks Kimberley! They are super delicious! Thanks for stopping by and following from the blog hop. On my way to visit you now. :o)
    Enjoy your weekend.

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  9. Thanks to all of the new followers for stopping by to pay a visit. I'll be headed to your sites this week. Have a great Sunday! :o)

  10. Hello! Wonderful recipe, I will definitely share it with my family (pecan lovers).
    I'm a new follower from Say HI Sunday.
    Amy's Life @

  11. Hey Amy. It's yummy. Thanks for stopping by and following. Hope everyone enjoys the cookies. :o)

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  14. I'm happy to see that you're back (baaaaack, even!)
    Thanks for the recipe. I love the format! There is always room in my kitchen for more sweets :)

  15. -Hi Sarah. Hope ya enjoy. Let me know how ya like them.

    -Hey Lori. Glad you're enjoying my paper-crafts blog. Thanks for stopping by and following. You are welcome for the recipe. Yummy! I'm headed to visit your blog.

    -Hi "Giveaways 4 Mommy". Thanks for hopping over and following. I love blog hops, so I'll definitely have to come and hop with you next Sunday (since I missed this Sunday).

    -Hi's great to be baaaack (LoL). Hope ya enjoy the cookies. :o)

  16. Ooo! That recipe looks awesome! Glad you joined my linky party! Hope to see you again this weekend!

  17. Hey April,
    The cookies are delicious! Thanks for blog hopping...enjoy your weekend. :)

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