Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

The inside reads...

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  1. To all the DADs of the WORLD, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!

    Great POST!!!

  2. Oh my goodness - what an adorable card! The message is so sweet, and I hope you guys had a WONDERFUL day!

  3. you have the cutest blog design!! love the card!

    Hello! newest follower on GFC from the relax and surf hop! Would love for you to stop by and follow back and say hello!

  4. What a sweet post! For Father's Day, my dad and I spoke on the phone for an awkward 30 seconds, then went back to our typical day.

    You know how you were voted the winner of the Best in Show award a few months ago? There's more fun in store! I have a surprise waiting for you on my blog this morning :)

  5. Happy 4th of July! When you get back, there is a button waiting for you on my site. I have also posted the prizes for the Best of the Best in Show award :)

  6. I love home made gifts and cards, you add so much value by giving something of yourself. Very nice.


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