Monday, May 23, 2011

Pomander Flower Ball

I thought these were the cutest flower balls.  Making the first one was so much fun and easy that I decided to make a second one.  Wanna try it out?  Ok, here's what you'll need: 

  • 12 x 12 Cardstock.  I chose a shimmery, linen patterened cardstock
  • Pearl tipped corsage pens
  • White styrofoam ball
  • Flower paper punch

Punch several flower petal shapes from the 12 x 12 sheet of cardstock.

Layer the petals then curl the edges of the top flower.  This gives the flower a bit of dimension.

Next, attach the flower petals to the styrofoam ball with the corsage pins.  I chose to go around the entire ball and make a complete circle.  Repeat until the entire ball is covered.

Voila!  Pomander Flower Ball!

...a fun and easy little project - cute enough to decorate for a dinner party or any party.  Enjoy!  :o)

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  1. This is so great and is in my favorites now. What a cute idea! I'm your newest follower, from the Polly Want a Crafter hop. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Wow, it's amazing how something so simple to make can be so beautiful. Thanks for posting.

  3. I've been using that shimmery, textured paper a lot lately. Isn't it great? Your pomanders are really lovely.

  4. this is awesome!! turned out so great:) i love it

  5. I definitely want to make these! Very Cool!

  6. These are very cute and I love the colors you chose! THanks for linking up!

  7. This is SOOOO cool! I love it! You're so creative! Found you at the Tuesday Blog Hop, and glad I did am a happy new follower :).

  8. those are beautiful!

    new follower! i would love a follow back as well =] have a great weekend!

  9. I really like that. This is super pretty!!!
    Great job!

  10. I've already commented on this lovely idea, but I wanted to give you an award, too! If you'd like to accept, please go here:

  11. Awesome, i am always looking for new ideas for artificial flowers. This is beautiful and unique.


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